Winning Chili Recipes

Winning Chili Recipes Cookbook

The Best Chili Recipes

Do you love chili? Then this cookbook is for you! You're sure to find your favorite chili recipe in this amazing chili cookbook, along with a bunch more to try along the way. Check out the List of 36 Secret Ingredients too.


A Sample of Recipes:
  • Bull Rider's Chili
  • Original Texas Chili
  • Terrific Turkey Chili
  • White Bean Chilil
  • Very Vegetable Chili
  • Famous Tailgate Chili
  • Grilled Steak Chili

Available in both Kindle and Paperback.

Easy and Delicious Chili Recipes

Easy and Delicious Chili Recipes

Chili Cookbook

This chili cookbook has 30 delicious chili recipes using ingredients that you probably already have on hand. There are some brand new recipes that any chili-lover will appreciate. Includes the classics through modern twists.


Recipes Include:
  • Five Alarm Chili
  • White Chili
  • Bacon Chili
  • Chili Casserole
  • Began Black Bean Chili
  • Blue Ribbon Chili
  • Creamy Vegetarian White Chili

Available in both Kindle and Paperback.

A Passionate Cookbook- More Than 130 New Recipes!

A Passionate Cookbook- More Than 130 New Recipes!

Chili Madness

Chili Madness has over 130 chili recipes and sidekick recipes. This spicy bestseller is a book that chile lovers will love. There is also useful information about the chiles themselves. And includes other recipes besides chili.


A Few Recipes:
  • Buzzard’s Breath Chili
  • Moroccan Chili
  • White Lobster Chili
  • Crispy Cilantro Coleslaw
  • Red Hot Sweet Potato Lace
  • Bacon Crumble Cornbread
  • Reno Red and Navajo Green

Available in both Hardcover and Paperback.

 Chili Recipes and Recipes With Chiles

Chili Recipes and Recipes With Chiles

Chili Lovers Cookbook

This is an older chili cookbook, written in the 1970's, but people still swear by it. The recipes are from people all over the country. May be the best collection of chili out there, over 100 recipes for chili and chili with beans.


Some of the Recipes:
  • Mama's Three-Bean Chili
  • Chili a la Super Creole
  • Buzzard's Breath Chili
  • And many more...

Available in both Paperback and Plastic Comb.

177 of the Best Recipes in the World

177 of the Best Recipes in the World

Seriously Good Chili Cookbook

177 chili recipes from restaurant owners, chefs, chili cook-off winners, Brian Baumgartner himself, and more. The spiral binding lays flat for easier reading while cooking. So grab your apron and make some chili!


A Sample of Included Recipes:
  • Black Bean Chili
  • Chili Con Carne
  • Chili Verde
  • White Chicken Chili
  • Cincinnati Chili
  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Chili Dogs, Nachos & Cornbread

Available in both Hardcover and Spiral.

A History of the One-Pot Classic, with Cook-off Worthy Recipes

A History of the One-Pot Classic, Cook-off Worthy

The Chili Cookbook

This cookbook not only has 60 chili recipes but has an entire history of chili. Versions include shrimp, chicken, lamb, turkey, pork, venison and beef chilis to choose from. Also an entire chapter on vegetarian chili.


Favorite Recipes:
  • Lobster Chili in Old Mexico
  • Comida Tex-Mex
  • Modern Chili
  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Goulash, Kima and Tagine
  • Route 66 and Other Kicks
  • Greek-American Chili Traditions

Available in both Kindle and Hardcover.

250 Easy & Delicious Recipes

The Homemade Chili Cookbook

250 Easy & Delicious Recipes

There are 250 recipes, so that is a lot to choose from. There are the traditional chili recipes and more that are outside the box, chilis that are meat-based and vegetarian chilis, spicy and not. Also included is a history of Texas chili.


Recipes Include:
  • Chocolate Chili
  • Chicken Chili with Herbs
  • Meatball Chili
  • Buffalo Chicken Chili
  • Clam Chili
  • Tomato Jalapeno Beef Chili
  • Peanut Butter Chili

Available in both Kindle and Paperback.

Southern Living Soups, Stews and Chilis

Southern Living Soups, Stews and Chilis

Comfort Food in a Bowl

This cookbook is full of lick-the-bowl-clean recipes for hearty chilis, soups, and stick-to-your-ribs stews, plus all the inspiration you need for a comforting soup supper, a spicy tailgate, or a delicious chili chow-down.


Several Recipes:
  • Meaty and Meatless Chilies
  • Quick Stovetop Soups
  • Easy Slow-Cooker Stews
  • Seriously Spicy Bowls
  • Chili-Laced Recipes
  • Classic Soups
  • Stick-With-You Stews

Available in both Kindle and Paperback.

Chili Recipes
Chili Cookbooks – Chili Recipes

When it comes to making delicious chili, here are some secrets and tips that can take your chili recipes to the next level:

1. Use a Variety of Chili Peppers - Experiment with a combination of chili peppers, like jalapenos, poblanos, or chipotles, to add depth and complexity to your chili. Different peppers have distinct flavors and heat levels, so find the combination that you like. If it gets too spicy, add a touch of sweetness from a little bit of sugar or a small amount of honey.

2. Toast and Grind Whole Spices - Toasting whole spices like cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and dried chilies before grinding them enhances their flavors. Then grind spices in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle for fresher flavors.

3. Use Quality Ingredients - Choose high-quality ingredients, including fresh vegetables and quality meat. Using quality ingredients will make a noticeable difference in the taste of your chili.

4. Simmer for a Longer Time - Allow your chili to simmer on low heat for a longer duration to let the flavors meld together well. The longer cooking time also helps to tenderize the meat and thicken the chili. Once your chili is cooked, let it rest for a short while before serving.

5. Experiment with Beans - Beans are a popular addition to chili. Commonly used beans are kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, or even a mix of beans.

Chili is a versatile dish, so feel free to adapt the recipes to your own taste preferences. Browse the chili cookbooks on this page to find oodles of chili recipes to try. Don't be afraid to experiment and make it your own by adding additional ingredients like beer, cocoa powder, or even a touch of cinnamon. Enjoy the process of creating a delicious and comforting bowl of chili!